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(2 CD'S) ARA Student Medallion Program

(2 CD'S) ARA Student Medallion Program

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Student Medallion Program

It is customary in our society to recognize the highest achievers: the Valedictorian or the all-star athlete. Unfortunately, the majority of hard-working, well-behaved, friendly students are not recognized for their unique contributions. The Student Medallion Program, created by Sam Varn, CRM of Awards4U, acknowledges those students who ordinarily would not be singled out in a positive way, whose day-to-day acts of kindness or above-and-beyond efforts go unnoticed.

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Why Sponsor a School Medallion Program in Your Community?

As recognition professionals, we know how much a single moment of recognition can mean: to the recipient and to those the award-winner inspires. By building a link between your business and the local high schools, you will enable the spotlight to shine on many deserving and under-recognized students.

Unique Benefits of the School Medallion Program

  • Completely flexible; can be crafted to fit the culture/needs of each school
  • A philanthropic endeavor that enriches the community
  • Cements closer ties between you, the customer and the community
  • Creates loyalty
  • Broadens product depth in customers' minds
  • Ultimately increases sales

A complete road map on CD for bringing the Student Medallion Program to your community: step-by-step process; activity calendar; customizable letters, programs and acknowledgment scrolls.


  • Member Price: $14.95 USD
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